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                                                Water training without the water Feb 2013

          In Front left to right Echo, Tango and Bailey mothers of all the dogs and puppies behind. 
Behind left to right: Vincent, Sofia & Caly Girgenti, Kimberly & Kash Hude, Tracy & Maggie Jackson,
Glen Deanna & Doc, Tomlinson Ruby, Beth & Zita Teller, Irene & Chenza Hollstrom, Karen & Lightning           Edwards, Angelina & Winston Daetz, Paul & Roxy Allen, Frank & Whisky Molina.             
                                   Portuguese Water Dog Club of America
           Outstanding Breeder Achievement Award Qualifier
                                     2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012

 is very proud of our Accomplishments.  Our dogs are the best in quality, best in temperament and                   health. Our puppies get the best start, most socialization, early training and on going grooming.  
  has been recognized for Outstanding Breeder Achievement Awards 4 years in a row from my                          National Breed club, the PWDCA of which I've been a member since 2003.
 is recognized as a Breeder of Merit and a CGC Evaluator by AKC.    

 has been an Instructor for close to 7 years at my local all breed club USDTC.  I have or now am                       teaching Puppy Kindergarten, Puppy STAR, Therapy and Basic Obedience.  
  has dogs that are competing in every sport and venue available to PWD making

              It is the  owners that are making a lifetime of happiness for my dogs.  I thank them.  

                                                                     Lisa McClish
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 Lisa McClish 
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