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                 The Portuguese Water Dog is a Working breed.  Here at Caladesi our dogs are working everyday on something.  Caladesi is proud to say that with all the accomplishments of the Caladesi puppies I can honestly say Caladesi is working on or has a title in every sport or activity a dog can participate in. 

                The Portuguese Water Dog temperament was a protective guard dog.  They guarded their boat along with the bounty within.  Their job was to haul the nets, serve as a courier between ships and between ships and the shore.  In today's world the Portuguese Water Dog works within an active lifestyle.  Temperament is and has been the greatest importance in Caladesi's breeding program.  We strive to ensure that each Caladesi generation can successfully work and live within a family household.  Caladesi is a family friendly home striving to produce a family friendly temperament.
                        The Caladesi Portuguese Water Dog is a strong, robust, medium-size dog with a non-shedding curly or wavy coat. They are naturally exuberant and highly intelligent dogs.  They are very mouthy as puppies and in need of proper positive training. The Caladesi PWD can be quite inclined to make their own decisions.  With authority and proper training good behavior is reinforced and bad behavior can be deterred. 
                         A Caladesi Portuguese Water Dog is a wonderful addition to any outgoing lifestyle.  They have the desire to participate in most any activity you choose to participate in.  For more information on this wonderful breed, please see the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America at www.pwdca.org.  Florida's regional club can be located at  www.usspwd.org   Check your local area for an all breed club for training classes. 


    Lisa McClish
   Caladesi PWDs


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 Lisa McClish 
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