Puppy Questionnaire

About You


First, Last names and ages of all family members
Street Address
Zip Code
Do you own this property?
How long have you been at this address?
Home Phone
Mobile Phone 1
Mobile Phone2
Who works in your household?
Work Hours
Employer Phone
Are you married?
How Long?
About The Puppy

Dog Type

Coat Type
How did you learn about the breed?
Who referred you to me?
What is your current schedule?
How would you accommodate a puppy in your schedule?
How many hours will the puppy be alone?
What will the puppy do for extended time home alone?
Where do you plan for the puppy to spend most of its time when you are not at home?
Do you have any hesitation about spaying/neutering?
What activities do you plan for the puppy as it grows?
Do you understand these dogs need daily exercise?
How do you plan to socialize your puppy outside the home?
Do you understand crate training?
Do you have a fenced yard?
Do you plan to leave the puppy outdoors alone for extended periods of time?
Will the puppy have supervised outdoor access?
Are you planning any children?
Will the puppy have access to children?
Do you plan to go to dog parks for exercise?
Do you plan to attend puppy classes?
Do you know of a dog club in your area to further the puppy's education?
Are you interested in pursuing any sport or therapy?
Obedience Rally, Agility Water Conformation Therapy Other
Do you have other pets, if so what?
Are you aware of the grooming time and expense?
Please give a personal reference, include relation and phone number
Do you have anything to add?

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 Lisa McClish 
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