Scarlett puppies          DOB: Feb 18         5 Boys & 6 Girls

                                                      Week 6

The puppies have had visitors for one week from my current owners, one week of new expectant owners and one week of families from my church and  one family from Juneau Alaska.

I would like to thank Dick & Bonnie for this, below left, in-focus picture they sent me to use in the weekly puppy pictures.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, I've done them for you. You will be getting the next picture of your baby in your email soon.  

The puppies enjoy every part of life.  They are fun, outgoing, adventurous and full of love.  Your life is about to be so full and happy!!  I'm so excited for you.  

                                                     Week 4
                                                   Week 3

                                                   Week 2

                                                   Week 1
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